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Brandsmind helps monetize your inventory, regardless if its desktop or mobile.
Brandsmind can also provide you with an out-of-the-box solution, end-to-end, to help create your own video inventory and monetize it.

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Brandsmind will help your campaigns exceed their goals. Our expertise, as well as immediate access to all types of media will throttle your campaign, assuring success!

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Brandsmind is one of the largest mobile networks globally, auctioning tens of billions of impressions on a monthly basis, working on practically any device, thanks to our top notch delivery technology.

Multi-Screen Delivery

Our innovative technology allows for cross screen campaign delivery, reaching users no matter if they are on desktop, mobile or connected TVs.

Smart Tag Technology

One tag for ALL of your monetization needs. Our Smart Tag technology will serve in real-time the appropriate creative to fit the right device.


Publisher Seamless Integration

Publisher integration couldn’t be easier! Embed our tag and start generating revenue in mere minutes!

Personal Account Manager

You are not alone! Our team of professionals will guide you through the steps, making sure you get the full benefit of working with Brandsmind.

Complete analytics suite, helping to optimize in real-time your campaign and traffic.

Brandsmind’s complete analytics suite provide real-time insights into the performance of campaigns for advertisers, and the effectiveness of the traffic for publishers. Our automated optimization and yield management will make sure you yield the highest CPM.

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